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Jeanette handled my fears and made a hug difference for me!

Going on a new journey can be scary, especially when you’re going against all the myths that have been ingrained in you. All my life I thought that to lose weight u had to eat less, but Jeanette has taught me that you must fuel your body with the right foods and the right portions. I was so surprised with how much I should eat, sometimes I can’t even finish my meals! Jeanette is such an amazing leader and coach. She doesn’t just put you on your path to weight-loss and a healthy lifestyle, she takes your hand and goes with you every step of the way! She supports you and helps you succeed, and when you do, she celebrates along with you. Jeanette truly is a blessing!

Vivian Estalella

Couldn’t have done it without Jeanette!

So my journey really started May 2015, I had seen a commercial about the 21 day fix and had seen in Jeanette’s Facebook page that she also did the 21 day fix so I reached out to her and asked her about it she gave me the information and I was thinking of doing it but I knew I wasn’t ready. So in February 2016, I turned 40 years old, I was so disappointed on my birthday because I wanted to be a new person for my 40th birthday and I had not come through. In March, again I went to jeanette’s website and saw all the wonderful affirmations and transformations of her client thru beachbody …..and I knew I was ready. I reach out to her to set me up with the 21 day fix, here’s where my life transformed. I was scared at first, it was the first time that I had truly worked out every day and that my whole eating habits would be changing. I had tried so many different things before and nothing worked, I either had cravings and cannot give up the food and or I would give up on the workouts. But that all change with shakeology and the 21 day fix. Jeanette helped me and encouraged me with my meal preps. At first with the workouts it was extremely difficult, but the encouragement you get from Autumn saying one minute, one exercise gave me the will, and I push it on thru. The shakeology shakes took my cravings away completely and provided with an energy I never had before. The clean eating and the workouts took me to where I wanted to be. Right away my family, friends and coworkers saw a drastic change in my energy level and in my appearance. I received compliments on how healthy I looked and how much energy I have. Jeanette also has been teaching me the difference between food and how to find and prepare quality food that would fuel my body. The challenge group is great because you see other women going thru this with you and support and encourage each other. So, I went from a person that hated how she looked, was tired all the time, having up to 5 coffees a day to get thru the day to someone that feels amazing is filled of energy and has changed her way of thinking about food. At the end of my 21 days, I was 11 pounds lighter and had lost 16 inches!! My happiness shows on the outside but also on the inside. I finally found what works for me and Jeanette has been a great part of that!! On two round two!

Mari Garcia Martinez

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